Sorry Progressives – More Americans View Trump Favorably Than When They Elected Him

Sorry Progressives – More Americans View Trump Favorably Than When They Elected Him

Donald Trump has had a rough time in office so far. He was unable to get Obamacare replaced or repealed, his border wall still hasn’t been funded and he’s now come under fire for his handling of the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. And his polling numbers show it — his favorable ratings are incredibly low, especially for a President who hasn’t even completed his first year yet. But there may be some good news for Trump yet.

In the latest Gallup polling, Trump’s unfavorable ratings are described as “historically high” at 57%, with just 38% viewing him favorably. But incredible though it may seem, Trump’s unfavorable ratings were even higher during the election season. Then, his unfavorable rating was at 62%, with just 34% holding a favorable view of him.

But if those polling numbers are accurate, there could be a tiny kernel of information to be optimistic about. That would mean that of the 85 million voters who held an unfavorable view of Trump in November, 11 million of them still voted for him anyway. Trump could look at these poll numbers and possibly be reassured that at least they are slightly better now than they were during the election. But the problem with that is that the margin of error could theoretically eliminate that little bit of good news.

So, what does that mean for Trump? The reality is that people weren’t voting for him — they were voting against Hillary. Trump won Florida, for example, because African-American voters gave Hillary Clinton the lowest percentage of votes for any Democrat in decades. Evangelical voters also gave Trump a huge turnout, many of them admitting that they could not vote for Hillary thanks to her extreme pro-abortion stance. Working class Americans also abandoned Democrats, voting for Trump instead.

It’s not bad news that Trump’s polling numbers are the same or slightly better than they were a year ago, during the election season. But it’s not good news, either — and if Trump wants a shot at being re-elected, he needs to turn this ship around and fast.

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