Women Push Back Against Crossdressing Men in Female Prisons

Women Push Back Against Crossdressing Men in Female Prisons

Surprise, surprise. Women, whose interests liberals loudly claim to represent, don’t like it that perverted men who dress in women’s clothes have been forced upon them in prisons in order to advance the liberal agenda:

Four women are suing the Department of Justice so they can be moved from prison facilities housing transgender inmates.

Housing women with male felons who are conspicuously sexually maladjusted — what could go wrong?

All four plaintiffs are inmates in Texas prisons. They filed a motion for a preliminary injunction in June. Not only do they want to be moved to facilities without trans inmates, but they want the Bureau of Prisons to stop housing “male inmates in federal prison that normatively incarcerates only female inmates.”

That’s not too much to ask, even for a convict. What was that in the Eighth Amendment about cruel and unusual punishment?

No woman deserves to be locked up with guys like this.

On a tip from Jester. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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