Did Trump Actually Win With All The Entitled Players Protesting?

Did Trump Actually Win With All The Entitled Players Protesting?

Personally, I still think Trump was wrong to interject himself into the debate: it’s below the station of POTUS. Many have theories on why he did this, from Trump being Trump, to attempting to distract from Russia Russia Russia, to wanting people to talk about this for various reasons, and so forth. But, did Trump lose the day? The Daily Caller’s Scott Greer has an interesting take

Trump Wins When The NFL Takes A Knee

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In reality, Trump has taken the side of the flag and provoked multi-millionaire athletes into opposing patriotism. When several players for the New England Patriots took a knee during the anthem on Sunday, their own fans booed them. So do fans of the Buffalo Bills and the Washington Redskins when members of those respective teams knelt.

There are hardly two more liberal, anti-Trump areas in America than the Boston and D.C. metropolitan areas. Yet even football fans who live there can’t stand protests against the anthem.

Rather than earning sympathy for free speech, more players joining in the protest is more likely to alienate NFL fans from the game. Polling last year showed that an overwhelming majority of Americans thought that politics should be kept off the field. The number one reason for declining NFL ratings was due to national anthem protests, according to ESPN, of all places.

Hardcore Patriots fans booing their own team is not a good sign that the NFL is going to come out on top in its war with the president.

Trump’s involvement in the debate over national anthem protests shows him once again stepping into his kind of cultural war. No longer tied to religious or moral concerns, Trump’s forays into the culture war typically revolve around questions of national identity and pit middle Americans against various elites.

Think on that last sentence. Regular America vs the Elitists. Surveys show that the viewership of the NFL leans very much Republican, and these are people with high turnout for elections, meaning that they are people who pay attention to politics. That does not bode well when pampered, elitist, multimillionaires protest on the field during the National Anthem, showing how much they hate America, and how much they hate the patriotic citizens who attend the games, watch them on TV, and buy the merchandise.

What will the NFL owners do when they start losing over a billion dollars because those same fans are not going to games, not paying for parking, not buying merchandise, and not watching on TV, which would cause advertising rates to plummet?

If the NFL players really want to Do Something, instead of being disrespectful to their fans they should get out in the communities and put their money and time where their mouths are. Where were all the Ravens players when there were 6 shootings, resulting in 4 deaths and 2 shot, in Baltimore Saturday night? Guess which race was involved in all? Baltimore is 65% Black, why are the Ravens not getting involved in helping those people out?

Of course, perhaps Trump is winning the fight, but, it’s all of us who lose, because we tune the NFL out. We lose the fun of watching a game. It will be interesting to see what happens with the ratings for this past Sunday, and future Sundays if this continues.

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