Trump goes from snark to serious on favorite social media platform [VIDEO]

Trump goes from snark to serious on favorite social media platform [VIDEO]

I have never been a big fan of President Trump’s tweets. I consider most of them beneath him and during the campaign, they turned me off him entirely as he smeared and fibbed about Ted Cruz left and right. However, there is no denying that Twitter has been Trump’s loudest bullhorn. It has allowed him to bypass the media entirely and reach his followers. It has given him a voice that he would never have had otherwise, all for free, I might add. His use of the social media platform seems to have changed recently, however.

Trump has gone from snarky and being in attack mode, to being presidential on Twitter within the span of two weeks. It may be that the geopolitical scene has sobered him and the full weight of the Presidency has finally settled in. Whatever it is, most Americans approve. We stand on the precipice of war and things are about as tense as they can get before battle breaks out. President Trump has been doing a great job so far of juggling proportional response and diplomacy. It doesn’t leave a lot of room for flights of fancy such as Twitter.

From the Federalist Papers Project:

Do you remember where you were the morning of April 3? That would be two weeks ago Monday.

Because that was the last time President Donald Trump made a genuinely snarky remark on Twitter.

Two weeks isn’t a lot of time, but in the Twitter-verse (and especially in Donald Trump’s Twitter realm), two weeks is an eternity.

It was early in the morning and Trump made a comment about one of the presidential debate where Hillary Clinton apparently received debate questions in advance.

Since then, Trump has re-tweeted some news stories about various wiretapping allegations. And engaged in a little poking of our international adversaries, but that’s about it.

His social media feed has been almost, well … presidential.

Perhaps it’s the weight of the office – or maybe he’s too busy – but giving up on Twitter, especially the snark – is something the American people are very much in favor of.

In fact, it’s something that he promised to do when president on the campaign trail.

I don’t envy President Trump… his is the toughest job on the planet, with millions of lives hanging in the balance. He is besieged from within his own administration as well as from the left and the media. He sees our enemies circling on the geopolitical chess board and Lord only knows what his thoughts must be these days. All I can do is pray for him and hope that guidance is granted our President.

Trump said from the campaign trail that he would put Twitter aside once he became President. The pressures of the job are forcing him to do just that evidently. He may also fear that tweeting the wrong thing might cause a war at this point… several media outlets almost did that very thing by printing inflammatory headlines that weren’t true this weekend. I have no interest in rehashing old grievances with Trump… I truly pray that he is successful in his duties and that he is able to bear the heavy burden of responsibility on his shoulders.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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