Trump and Gun Rights

Bob Owens of Bearing Arms has an urgent message for voters in tomorrow’s South Carolina primary:

Senator Ted Cruz blasted businessman and reality television star Donald Trump Sunday, stating that if Trump is the Republican nominee, we’ll likely lose our Second Amendment rights. …

I have bad news for supporters of Mr. Trump; every bit of evidence that we have about Donald Trump’s political core suggests that Senator Cruz is probably correct.

Trump’s personal history shows that he is, at best, a “Republican in Name Only,” (RINO), who has changed his party affiliation at least five times. …

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Trump’s lack of conservative principles, and his heavily-documented history of using the bludgeon of the law against individual citizens when it benefits his bottom line—a Clintonesque authoritarianism—suggests that Trump simply cannot be trusted to put a textualist judge on the U.S. Supreme Court to replace Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in Texas of natural causes this past weekend.

Trump’s lack of any firm principles suggests that he’d instead nominate someone like himself, an opportunist, with no firm principles. …

The next President of the United States will shape the future of American jurisprudence for decades to come. In addition to replacing Justice Scalia, it is quite possible (arguably probable) that the next President will end up replacing liberal justices Stephen Breyer (who is 77), Ruth Bader Ginsburg (82), and moderate Anthony Kennedy (79).

A conservative President with a Republican Senate could conceivably reshape the Supreme Court with up to four more texualists, joining textualist Clarence Thomas and libertarian-conservative Samuel Alito for a rock-solid six-vote cadre of justices that would read the Constitution as it was written, not as a “living document” that can be twisted and abused. In many decisions, we could expect moderate conservative Chief Justice John Roberts to side with the court’s textualists for 7-2 majorities.

What a golden opportunity this could be to shore up our gun rights for a generation to come. But first we have to elect a genuine conservative.

We know that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders would both nominate the most radically left-of-center candidates to the court that they can, and that they’d both like to gut the Second Amendment as much as possible. Sadly, of the remaining Republican contenders, front-runner Donald Trump is clearly the least conservative candidate based upon his own well-documented history of switching to the Democrat Party when doing so might help him personally profit. …

I strongly urge the 100+ million gun owners in the United States to only consider those Republican candidates with a well-documented history of supporting conservative principles, and who have records (not mere rhetoric) suggesting that they will only appoint textualists to the Supreme Court. It would be glorious to have Second Amendment cases flowing into a Supreme Court that firmly believed “shall not be infringed” means precisely what it says.

We’ll only get that court with a Republican nominee with a proven record of being willing to fight for conservative principles and conservative nominees, not a lukewarm pretender who changes parties and positions to whatever he thinks is easiest to sell.

Do your research, and vote wisely as the primaries come to your state.

South Carolina gun owners, all eyes are upon you.

Vote wisely.

We are counting on you, South Carolina. Here’s your chance to redeem yourself for producing Lindsey Graham.

Do not trust our precious liberties to a self-serving chameleon.

On a tip from Torcer. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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