White Policeman Holds Sign That Says ‘Cops Lives Matter’ – Now He’s Suspended.

White Policeman Holds Sign That Says ‘Cops Lives Matter’ – Now He’s Suspended.

The message of “Cops Lives Matter” is one that most people can get behind, but how that message is framed can make a big difference. And if you’re a police officer, appearing in a racism-fueled rap video is probably not the best idea, even if it is to proclaim that “Cops Lives Matter”.

cops lives matter

A white Missouri police officer has been placed on unpaid leave after he appeared in a racially charged music video wearing his uniform and carrying a sign reading ‘cop lives matter.’

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St Joseph patrolman Zackary Craft is also seen reaching for his gun in the video for ‘Before This Bomb Blows Up (Racism Goes Both Ways)’ by Josh Smith, a white rapper who performs as J.Smitty.

The video also shows Smith spitting on a picture of the civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton and breaking pictures of President Barack Obama, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and hooded KKK members before burning the images.

Police spokesman Capt. Jeff Wilson said the department ‘in no way condones the video.’

Wilson said Craft, who is also seen holding a signs that reads ‘Right and Right and ‘Wrong is Wrong’ is on leave pending a hearing.

In scenes throughout the video, the rapper along with others are seen holding signs with different messages.

Smith is shown at the start of the video with a sign that reads ‘a proud white man is a racist’ before flashing the other side which reads ‘a proud black man is courageous.’

Others, including a young boy and who all appear to be white, hold signs with messages that read: ‘Slavery wasn’t my fault’, ‘white lives matter’ and ‘why can’t I play the race card.’

Smith said that Craft, whom he described as a friend, knew the video was ‘supposed to make cops look good’ but didn’t know ‘quite how far it was going to go.’

‘I feel really bad for him,’ Smith said. ‘I hope this all ends well for him and that he is able to keep his job and move on.’

… Craft’s attorney, Morgan Roach, said Craft allowed himself to be filmed ‘without knowing the words, content, or context’ and was ‘appalled’ when he saw the video.

‘He whole-heartedly rejects the song, the music video and the misguided message in its entirety,’ Roach said.

If it’s true that Craft let himself be filmed without knowing what else was in the video, then that was a monumentally stupid decision. This was clearly an inflammatory video, and as a police officer, that’s just not the kind of thing you should be involved in — no matter how good your intentions may have been.

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