Trump Reverses Major Ban – Do You Support This?

Trump Reverses Major Ban – Do You Support This?

The Trump administration is doing away with a federal ban that the Obama administration put in place in 2008. Cue the outrage from the left. Ellen DeGeneres is crying over this, so you know it’s serious. The ban did not allow importation of body parts of African elephants hunted for sport.

Of course, people are flipping out about it.

I’m still wondering how people are so desensitized to the violence and absolute devastation that humans can impose on other humans. It is as if we accept it as part of daily life. Is it a defense mechanism? Do we look around at the barbarians and sociopaths throughout history and think that we could end up that way if we aren’t on our guard? Is the outrage at things like this, fabricated or genuine, filling some hole in these people’s lives? Do we as a society care more about animals than people?

That being said, I don’t condone killing animals for sport. If you’re going to kill it, then you should eat it. So, I understand why people would be against it. However, big game hunters are usually the ones who pay for the conservation of the species. They pay hefty sums to get their trophies and these monies are used to increase the survival of the endangered or threatened species. This is something that environmentalists and hippies don’t understand.

The reversal lifts the Obama era ban and is applicable to the parts of African elephants killed between January 2016 and December 2018. The change comes on the heels of the house arrest of Zimbabwe’s president by the military in an apparent coup. The U.S. embassy issued a statement advising Americans in Zimbabwe to “limit unnecessary movements.”

Really, if the lifting of this ban is enough to cause you real emotional trauma, then there is something wrong with you. Yes, it’s sad, but it’s the 650,000th problem on the list of all the problems in the world. This is just a chance for those who are still butt-hurt Trump is President to complain and feign outrage at every small thing. Are they upset about Hillary and the uranium scandal? Or the utter hypocrisy over sexual assault allegations? I seriously doubt it. I know I’m playing the “but the other team is worse” game that can come off as downplaying what happens to these animals. Like I said, I don’t condone it and I don’t have an opinion on the ban either way. I just wish people cared a little more about the humans in Africa than they seem to care about the animals there.

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