Damning Videos Emerge of Joe Biden – An ‘Open Sexual Predator?’

Damning Videos Emerge of Joe Biden – An ‘Open Sexual Predator?’

Richard Armande Mills, a staffer for the conservative organization Turning Point USA has started a very interesting thread on his Twitter account to go through some very bizarre videos of Joe Biden, a man that Mills calls an “open sexual predator.” Move over, Bill Clinton, there’s a new sleazeball in town!

Mills starts by saying that it’s “time to talk” about Biden, then posted this 14-second clip where Biden allegedly uses “a candid moment to fondle the chest area of a little girl,” who elbows him away. (You go, little girl! That’s the spirit!)

Oh, the videos just get worse. Here’s one where Biden allegedly touches and smells, kisses and whispers to a young girl.

The hair smelling isn’t just a one-off.

You know, sometimes I comment on the nice shampoo or styling products of close friends or family members if I give them a hug, but saying, “Oh my gosh, I love your new shampoo!” to someone you’ve known for decades is not what we’re looking at here. Below, we have another young girl getting the Biden Treatment.

There’s more, and more, and more:

There’s no stopping yet:

Then, Mills gets into his own commentary, saying that even Hillary Clinton has been given the one-two and that even the media has noticed the behavior.

Mills declares Biden to be #CreepyUncleJoe and #CreepyJoeBiden before saying that there’s enough clear proof available that Biden “should be investigated.”

Recently, Biden said that he did not want to run for President due to pressure from the Hillary people. In his up and coming memoir entitled Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose, Biden discusses the pressure from the Clinton camp that scared him away from a run in the Democratic primary. While Obama was “almost certain” that Hillary would take the primary (cough, Obama’s people helped to fund the Russian Dossier given to Hillary after almost bankrupting the Democratic National Committee, forcing them to subsist on an allowance given by the Hillary camp after their debt was quietly pawned off to the Clintons), Biden was exploring it for himself. In 2015, when Hillary heard that Biden (who was seen as more human by potential supporters), she let her backers know. Her backers, according to Biden, then informed Biden that they “would not stop at voting records and policies” when it came to them destroying Biden, whose family was currently suffering the loss of his son Beau, his other son Hunter’s subsequent divorce and Hunter’s taking up with Beau’s widow.

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