Joe Biden: Hero Who Stopped Texas Church Shooting Shouldn’t Have Had a Gun [VIDEO]

Joe Biden: Hero Who Stopped Texas Church Shooting Shouldn’t Have Had a Gun [VIDEO]

Joe Biden 2020?

The former Vice President recently joined NBC’s Today show to dole out his wisdom on whatever it is he’s supposed to be so clever about. The format was a question and answer session, and you couldn’t pay me enough to believe that everyone in the audience wasn’t hand-picked with hand-selected questions.

When one person in the in-studio audience stood up to ask a question, the young lady asked Biden:

“With the tragedy that just happened in Texas, how do you justify the Democratic view on gun control when the shooter was stopped by a man who was legally licensed to carry a gun?”

On Sunday, November 5th, David Kelley killed 26 people attending a Baptist church in the small town of Sutherland Springs in Texas. Stephen Willeford is credited with having stopped Kelley from killing more people, when his young daughter ran to him to say that she heard gun shots from the church across the street. Willeford, being a former NRA instructor, was well equipped to respond and after raiding his own gun safe, went after a man in “black tactical gear.” After injuring him, Kelley fled in his car. Willeford flagged down a man driving a truck who helped him chase after Kelley who eventually drove his car off of the road and is then assumed to have committed suicide before the police could get him. Willeford and his driver had called 911, updating them on the situation as they continued to chase down the perpetrator as they exchanged fire.

But Joe Biden has a different take on the situation. Willeford wasn’t a “good guy with a gun,” he was foremost a guy who was carrying a gun he “shouldn’t be carrying.” Biden said that he was the last person to write a “serious gun control law” that was intended to outlaw the kind of “assault weapons and … weapons with magazines” that were used by Willeford to prevent more people from being killed by Kelley. In all, 4% of the town was killed in a single incident by Kelley.

Biden, for someone who pushes himself as Mr. Gun Control expert, didn’t do a very good job of explaining what an “assault weapon” could be. Willeford was carrying an AR-15, which is an assault rifle. It was the same weapon used by Kelley.

You can watch the whole 13 minute video of Biden here, but I skipped ahead to the 42-second mark where the gun control question starts.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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