Illegal Immigrants Placed Before American Kids, Forcing Preschool to Close

Illegal Immigrants Placed Before American Kids, Forcing Preschool to Close

Basic laws exist as to what is right and what makes sense. Indulging in moonbattery entails rejecting these laws so as to posture on behalf of a deranged ideology. This has consequences:

A preschool that leases space from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder is shutting down at the end of the month after the church congregation voted to become a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants facing deportation.

“It put us out of business,” said Active Boulder Kids owner Kristen Argow Heaton.

The presumably far-left Unitarian congregation voted overwhelmingly to convert part of the building into illegal immigrant living quarters.

Argow Heaton said that parents notified the church ahead of the vote that they had safety concerns, and those concerns were not addressed, prompting more than half of the 22 children who attend the preschool to be withdrawn.

Explained one parent,

“My worry, and I felt like no one articulated this, the church is doing civil disobedience and there is nothing legal about it. If that’s a risk the church wants to take, that’s fine, but they are roping our kids into it. I feel like that was unacceptable.”

Equally unacceptable is the liberal approach to massive Third World immigration in general, because kids will have to grow up in an America that isn’t America anymore, their birthright having been squandered on bogus virtue signaling.

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