TRUMP VINDICATED: Multiple ‘Sexual Assault’ Victims Caught in a Lie? [VIDEO]

TRUMP VINDICATED: Multiple ‘Sexual Assault’ Victims Caught in a Lie? [VIDEO]

Last week, multiple women came forward accusing Donald Trump of sexual harassment and assault. This was on the heels of a leaked conversation between Trump and Billy Bush, where Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women. Now, some conservative media outlets are coming forward, insisting that these women have been caught lying.


Jessica Leeds said that Trump groped her on a Braniff Air flight in 1979, raising the armrest to do so. Some say that because the armrests appear to be stationary, her story must be false.


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Trump supporters have also used the testimony of British man Anthony Gilberthorpe as a way of poking holes in Leeds’ claims. Gilberthorpe said that it was Leeds who was hitting on Trump… except that Gilberthorpe has a checkered history and is known for making unproven claims and organizing child sex parties for politicians. He also could not remember the year that this took place, despite his so-called “photographic memory.”

“People” magazine reporter Natasha Stoynoff also claimed that Trump assaulted her, while covering him for the magazine. Trump’s butler said that the incident never happened, but according to Stoynoff, they were alone when he assaulted her. Trump’s supporters also cheered on a cease-and-desist letter from Trump’s wife, Melania, where she demands that Stoynoff retract a portion of her essay:

The only portion of the essay that Melania claims is false and must be retracted, however, is an exchange after the assault happened. Melania did not dispute the assault itself. Ouch.

Summer Zervos was a contestant on “The Apprentice”, and is one of multiple female contestants to say Trump sexually harassed them. Trump responded to the allegations by Zervos by saying that she tried to get a job from him after the fact:


This does not prove that Zervos is lying in any way, though, nor is there proof that anything Trump said here is true. He could have made the entire scenario up, just as Zervos theoretically could have. Trump’s response to her allegations only makes it a he-said/she-said situation. It doesn’t dispute her story.

Mindy McGillivray says that she was “nudged” by Trump at a concert at Mar-A-Lago, that she was groped by someone, and she believes it to be Trump. Her story is perhaps the weakest, because she didn’t see him do it.

Finally, Kristin Anderson says that Trump groped her, grabbing her vagina — something he specifically bragged about doing in the conversation with Billy Bush — while he was sitting alone at a club. Trump’s way of “disputing” the claim was to say that he’s never sat alone at a club… ever. It’s hardly earth-shattering evidence that proves Anderson was lying, because once again, all we have is Trump’s word versus Anderson’s. And Trump is the one who bragged about sexually assaulting women.

Still, despite all of this, Trump claims that he is the victim here:

The women who say they were sexually assaulted by Trump likely feel differently. While Trump’s supporters will latch onto anything, no matter how weak the evidence, that may assuage their guilty consciences so that they can continue supporting someone who is accused of being a sexual predator, there is so far nothing to indicate that any of these women are lying. Sorry, Trump fans.

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