USPS Worker BRAGS About Destroying Trump Ballots… MEDIA IGNORES!

USPS Worker BRAGS About Destroying Trump Ballots… MEDIA IGNORES!

Trump has been complaining for quite some time that the election was rigged — pretty much as soon as he got the nomination, actually. The writing has been on the wall that he was not likely to beat Hillary Clinton, so he’s been laying the groundwork to give himself an excuse as to why he didn’t win. It’s not his fault; the election was rigged!

While there’s no grand conspiracy, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t individual Democrats scattered across the country committing voter fraud. Apparently, one of them works in a post office in Columbus, Ohio.


A Twitter user sent out a Tweet, saying that he was a postal worker and that he was destroying absentee ballots from Trump voters.

But even better than that, the idiot actually thought that it was legal for him to destroy absentee ballots!


The alleged perpetrator is loving the attention, though:

And unfortunately for Trump-supporting sites like Gateway Pundit and the Drudge Report, they have just fallen for some epic trolling.

Ouch. So is all of this nothing more than a hoax designed to get Trump supporters angry and then looking foolish? If so, then apparently, mission accomplished.

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