Trump’s Greatest Service to Democrats

So far the most destructive aspect of Trump’s candidacy is that it has seemingly validated hostile caricatures of Republicans and conservatives. The ultimate taboo in the current culture is to be racist. It is accepted wisdom among liberals that conservatives are guilty of this political sin. In reality, race has nothing to do with conservative philosophy, which stresses the inalienable rights of the individual. Progressives are the ones who believe in group rights, and who implement their cultural Marxist strategy by playing off racial groups against the core population. Nonetheless, liberals will be able to make the racism charge stick for as long as anyone remembers the human Dumpster fire that is Donald Trump.

It isn’t just that he has nurtured support from alt-right neo-Nazi types who unlike conservatives are inherently racist. His attacks on US-born judge Gonzalo Curiel for being “Mexican” are a Democrat propagandist’s dream come true.

Supposedly, having Mexican ancestry presents a conflict of interest in the Trump University fraud case. Any Hispanic is regarded as inherently hostile. Considering the large percentage of Americans who share this ancestry, Trump’s attitude on this matter alone disqualifies him for the presidency.

Republican strategist Ana Navarro has smoke coming out her ears. Even those who have betrayed conservativism by kneeling before Trump are having second thoughts. Paul Ryan is scrambling to disassociate himself from Trump, soon after promising to vote for him. Newt Gingrich, who climbed aboard the Trump train early probably in hopes of getting the VP position and serving as Trump’s brain, has jumped back as if he had picked up a live wire, even using the word “inexcusable.” Even Trump’s washroom attendant Reince Priebus chastised his master.

Having alienated every American of Hispanic ancestry, Trump cartoonishly attempted to prove that some of his best friends are black. This was groan-inducing:

Donald Trump pointed out a black supporter at his rally in California Friday, telling the crowd, “Look at my African American over here.”

The Trump campaign followed that up by retweeting this:


The picture was actually taken at the 27th annual Midwest Black Family Reunion in Cincinnati last August. It is fake, in that the pictured family does not endorse Trump.

Patronizing tokenism and crude fakery are not effective outreach. Trump couldn’t do a better job of reinforcing the narrative that the GOP is hostile to blacks if he started making watermelon jokes.

Incidentally, the Trump campaign has retweeted Don_Vito_08 before:


Leftist screeching that conservatives are sexist gets traction now too. Trump is no conservative, but most people don’t know that. All they know is that the nominally conservative party accepts this jackass as its representative.

Parties die. The Federalists are gone; so are the Whigs. As a result of allowing itself to be hijacked by Trump, the GOP may not be around much longer. The only thing that can save it is a show of courage at the convention.

On tips from Varla and Torcer. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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