‘The View’ FIRES One of Its Co-Hosts – Fans Shocked…

‘The View’ FIRES One of Its Co-Hosts – Fans Shocked…

Well this news comes as VERY welcoming news, yet a bit of a shocker. If I was going to boot one of “The View” hosts, I would have done it with a couple others before this one. I mean, she’s annoying but, you can tell she clearly just doesn’t know any better, she’s just…not capable. Not like the others who are absolutely so far out there that they should be made into a cartoon and laughed at all day.


From Western Journalism:

With ABC’s The View set to begin season 20 in the fall, Variety reports that the executive producers have decided to let Michelle Collins go.

Collins, a comedian, joined the program last July following a substantial trial period during which moderator Whoopi Goldberg was impressed with her comedic timing and her comments.

Soon after bringing Collins on board, however, ABC executives began doubting their decision, and they reduced her appearances to once or twice a week.

Two controversial incidents resulted in the loss of advertisers. In September, Collins ignited outrage when she mocked the nursing profession. A month later, she angered many when she made fun of GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina’s face.

Variety also reports that management “criticized her internally for sidetracking the Hot Topics debates with personal stories and other asides.”

Reports say that Collins’ contract will not be renewed. She is expected to continue as a co-host through the summer.

ABC removes the democratic woman who made fun of the GOP, great. Now, what can we do about Raven Symone? I don’t even watch the show and still can’t get away with not hearing about her OBNOXIOUS no point, rants. There must be a better option for representing a young black democratic woman. If there isn’t, that certainly speaks volumes.

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