Washington Post: Trump Won Nevada On Anger

The Nevada caucuses are over, and Donald Trump took it handily, garnering 45.9% of the vote, which gives him another 12 delegates. Rubio was at 23.9%, while Ted Cruz had 21.4%, and each receives 5 delegates. The Washington Post’s Phillip Bump knows why Trump keeps winning: anger

How Donald Trump dominated Nevada, in one word: Anger

Donald Trump won New Hampshire, a moderate Northeastern state that prides itself on its sober analysis of the candidates at hand. Donald Trump won South Carolina, a conservative Southern state with a number of religious voters. Donald Trump has now won Nevada, a Western state with its own eclectic mix of Republican voting groups.

Trump won them all. According to preliminary entrance poll data reported by CNN, he won every age group and every education group and both genders — and even every racial and ethnic group. About 1 in 10 Nevada Republicans were Hispanic. More than 4 in 10 of them backed Donald Trump (according to entrance polls with a notably large margin of error).

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What’s the theme here? What’s the thing that’s turned Donald Trump from the never-gonna-happen outsider of last June into the how-can-he-be-stopped candidate of February?

Nevada offers one hint: Anger.

Bump is actually on to something

Nevada Republicans are mad at the government. This probably isn’t too much of a surprise, given that it’s also the home of the family of Cliven Bundy, but it’s still remarkable how much angrier it is than previous states. Voters were mad.

And voters didn’t want a politician to address that anger. Six in 10 Nevada Republicans said that they were looking for the next president to be someone from “outside politics.” That’s 6 in 10 of a “huge” turnout, by the way. And 70 percent of them voted for Donald Trump.

Yes, voters are angry. Republicans are angry over the way Obama has stepped on, to put it nicely, the Constitution and the nation. They’re angry about the lousy economy. Sure, unemployment is low (once you look beyond the huge numbers of people who dropped out of the jobs market in despair), but wages are way down. No one complains about the fight for $15 folks being angry. The media didn’t complain about Occupy Wall Street being angry. We have this horrible Iran deal. Obama’s throwing out executive orders like candy. Obamacare is still around. And so much more, but, here’s the kicker: they’re mad that the elected Republicans really haven’t done much to stop Obama and the Democrats. They refuse to really fight back. They won’t use the power of the purse. A lot of the the fight seems to emanate from the States, such as the lawsuit against Obama’s climate change power plant regulations. The federally elected Republicans make lots of promises to get elected, then try to just get along.

Let’s not forget that Obama was all about anger in 2008. His voters were angry over Iraq, angry over the economy meltdown (which was global, BTW). He tapped into that anger, and pushed “hope and change”. He talked in lofty goals, and made all the angry Democrats and independents, and even some squishy Republicans believe in him. They cared little for his record, or that he is a far, far left Progressive. They just bought into what Obama was peddling.

Right now, the anger over the past 7 years of Obama and Establishment GOP idiocy is on display, and Trump has tapped into it. And, what’s wrong with anger? Should citizens not be angry over the state of the nation?

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