YES! Trump Has Scheduled to Meet With Sheriff Clarke To Discuss Plans For His Administration!

YES! Trump Has Scheduled to Meet With Sheriff Clarke To Discuss Plans For His Administration!

It looks like President-elect Donald Trump is scheduled to meet with Sheriff David Clarke Monday at Trump tower. There’s no solid word if Clarke will be offered a position in Trump’s cabinet, but I believe he would be an excellent choice. It was rumored early on that Clarke was being looked at for heading DHS. Hard to tell. I will say this, he is a man of principle and has a titanium spine. He would be fantastic wherever he went. I believe the man has the potential to even be president one day.

Sheriff Clarke is a cop’s cop and he hates Black Lives Matter. Those are excellent credentials. Clarke has endorsed Trump. He was a big fan of Trump’s support for the police and the Second Amendment. The Leftist media of course is taking snipes at Clarke for saying that the government was so corrupt that it was “pitchforks and torches time.” And for bluntly pointing out that Black Lives Matter is so anti-American, they planned to “join forces with ISIS.” First off, both of those statements are true. There are quite a few Jihadist types that belong to Black Lives Matter. As for the corruption of government and the people being fed up with it, who the hell can argue with that?


From Breitbart:

President-elect Donald Trump plans to meet with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke as he continues to vet possible candidates for his administration.

Trump transition team officials confirmed that the president-elect would meet with Clarke on Monday, after he returns to Trump Tower from his Thanksgiving trip to Mar-a-largo in Florida.

Officials did not say whether Trump is offering Clarke a position with his administration, but signaled interest in his opinions.

“The president elect meets with individuals who he believes he wants to hear their ideas, suggestions and opinions and then sometimes considers them for multiple potential positions,” Trump transition team’s Sean Spicer explained.

Clarke, an outspoken champion for Second Amendment gun rights and a registered Democrat, has earned the respect from Trump supporters during the campaign. He also spoke at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, supporting Trump for president.

Clarke also criticized Black Lives Matter activists, calling them a “a bunch of thugs, a bunch of creeps, criminals, [and] race-hustlers.”

Clarke was asked earlier this month if he expected a role in the Trump White House and he told national syndicated radio host Joe Pags: “I don’t expect anything, I don’t have an entitlement mentality. I told Donald Trump I wanted to help him, because I thought that this country needed his leadership. That being said, if the president asks you to serve, you step up to fulfill that duty. So if he feels that I can help him and he calls on me, sure I’ll accept it, but I’m not expecting anything.”

In his upcoming memoir, Clarke has called for an overhaul of the nation’s homeland security program, writing that American citizens suspected of being terrorists should be treated as “enemy combatants.” “We are at war. Homegrown radicalization has the enemy inside our borders,” Clarke writes. “Islamist radicalized Americans are not criminals; they are enemy combatants.” Clarke has also spoken out forcefully in favor of US Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Trump’s pick for Attorney General – another fantastic choice in my book. I’ve always liked Sheriff Clarke and I’m sure he will be called to serve in the Trump administration.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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