Naked teen covered in blood chases schoolchildren down the street before trying to CARJACK women

No, this is not a scene from a horror flick. It actually happened.

A naked 19-year-old man covered in blood was arrested after terrorizing a southern California town, and a witness caught his dramatic arrest on camera.

Daniel Anglin of San Bernardino was arrested just after 7am Monday morning on charges of carjacking, first-degree residential burglary and being under the influence of a controlled substance according to a news release from the Victorville Police Department.

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Police believe the teen was high when he broke into a woman’s apartment before making his way to a busy street where he chased children on their way to school and tried to steal not one but three cars during the morning commute – including a sheriff’s deputy’s SUV.

And there is video…

It certainly appears Anglin and his drug-fueled rampage created some chaos around town…

‘He was out of his mind. He was like speaking in tongues. He…didn’t feel no pain,’ one of the good Samaritans, a man named Sam, told CBS Los Angeles.

Sam says he was most concerned for the children gathered at a nearby bus stop.

‘I was stopping the school buses. I was telling them to turn around because there’s a bunch of kids on there and there’s a naked man,’ Sam said.

Just a few minutes later, a San Bernardino Sheriff’s Deputy arrived on the scene and yet again Anglin tried to get behind the wheel of the responding officer’s SUV.

The deputy is seen taking out his nightstick and hitting the teen in the legs with it in an attempt to take him into custody.

Seeing how unruly Anglin was being, one of the good Samaritans came to the deputy’s aide.

‘He looked like a zombie. He was hobbling like Frankenstein; that’s what he looked like – Frankenstein,’ the man, who did not want to be identified, told KABC.

The witness says that the deputy told the man to get on the ground three or four times, but that he didn’t listen and when the deputy struck him in response, it ‘did not faze him.’

Eventually, the deputy was forced to use his taser on Anglin, which finally brought the chase to an end. The video ends with the teen slumping into bushes on the side of the road, after being hit with the shock gun.

Paramedics later arrived on the scene to take Anglin to the hospital where he was treated for some injuries before being booked in jail.

One wonders what that kid took that made him go berserk like this.

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