WATCH Gowdy Drop Hammer On Planned Parenthood President – Gets Her To Admit Something HUGE

To many of us, the consistently-disappointing Congressional hearings on hot topics like the IRS scandal and Benghazi have been good evidence that their format – giving five minutes to all members of the committees in question for witness interrogations – is a mistake. Many of those five-minute blocks of time are wasted, either with weak questioning that leads to the witnesses filibustering and avoiding giving an answer, or long stretches of grandstanding by the politicians on the dais which doesn’t serve the informational purposes of the hearing.

A better format would be less time for Congressmen to inexpertly question the witnesses, which is often reminiscent of high school boys in the back seats of cars fumbling to take off their girlfriends’ brassieres, and the presence of a trained attorney to ask most of the questions – with a long time period in which to do so. That way the witnesses would be more fully examined and better information could come out of the hearing.

Trey Gowdy, who actually is a congressman, would be an example. Here’s Gowdy yesterday, at an otherwise-disappointing hearing on the  Planned Parenthood videos, skillfully taking apart Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards…

Gowdy actually gets Richards to admit, around the 3:00 mark of the video, that she doesn’t have a problem with sex-specific abortions like those performed on girls on a mass scale in China. And then he hits her with a rather devastating response noting that it’s cute how her position is the “reasonable” one.

And then he skewers her on the question of what Republicans Planned Parenthood has donated to – the answer to which is none. And she says she doesn’t want to “out” those who Planned Parenthood has given to, as though to do so would put them in some sort of jeopardy. But as Gowdy says those donations are a matter of public record, so there is no possible “outing” to be done by naming someone PP has given a contribution to.

She’s clearly lying, and Gowdy doesn’t have to jump up and down to make that understood.

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