$15 Minimum Wage Hike Causes Business to Sell $30 Pizzas – Predictably, Sales Plummet

$15 Minimum Wage Hike Causes Business to Sell $30 Pizzas – Predictably, Sales Plummet

Morons on parade in California. These people can’t do basic math or grasp elementary economics. How in the world did they ever succeed at business? Must be so simple, a caveman could do it. Lanesplitter Pizza decided to beat the rush and pay their workers $14.44 an hour. They are actually now paying their employees between $15 and $25 an hour. The owner, Vic Gumper, who has shops in four cities, says he’s proud to make the move, but terrified it will cause him to go out of business. Well, duh. He’s already had to close up during lunch, which should be half of his profits right there. He’s raised the cost of a pizza to $30 and says tips are included. I would hope so. But it doesn’t matter, because no one in their right freaking mind would pay for a $30 pizza. His sales have plummeted by 25%. A ‘Going Out of Business’ sign is awaiting this genius.


From Young Conservatives:

Raise the minimum wage, because unskilled workers deserve to be paid as much as anyone else, says the Left.

There’s just that one tiny problem that liberals never seem to understand – prices go up!

It’s not a ‘maybe’ that prices will jump, it’s definitive.

So essentially, by asking for and receiving more money, you’re causing yourself and everyone else to pay more for goods and services, which only hurts your future employment, and will cause the business you work for to cut staff and reduce hours.


The liberal mind, for ya.

Here’s a California pizza shop feeling the effects of an increased minimum wage…

From Breitbart:

Last month, the small Bay Area town of Emeryville, California, (population 10,000) decided to act as flag-bearer for raising the minimum wage in California, hiking its minimum wage to $14.44 per hour.

Even though businesses with less than 56 workers are exempt from the $14.44 rate and do not have to raise their wages to $15 until 2018, Vic Gumper, who owns Lanesplitter Pizza, with outlets in Berkeley, Oakland, Albany and Emeryville, decided not only to bite the bullet but swallow it, paying his workers $15 to $25 an hour while eschewing tips or raising prices.

He advertised his $30 pizzas and other food items as “sustainably served, really … no tips necessary,”according to the Los Angeles Times.

Sales at Gumper’s locations have plunged 25% in the last few months, forcing Gumper’s to close during lunch hours at some locations.

Gumper admitted, “The necessity of paying people a living wage in the Bay Area is clear, so it’s hard to argue against it, and it’s something I’m really proud to be able to try doing. At the same time, I’m terrified of going out of business after 18 years.”

Instead of earning $8 per hour and paying $12 for a pie, the Left will have the uninformed believing that earning $15 per hour and paying $30 for a pie only works to their benefit.

How do liberals not understand that everything they pay for will rise in price if they demand more cash for a high school-aged job?

Anyone who supports doubling the minimum wage is bonkers, doesn’t understand economics, and is too lazy to go out and make the necessary changes in their lives in order to earn more.

Socialism: we all fail together.

Don’t believe it? Just Google how well the the currency in Venezuela is doing at the moment.

Every time Marxists try this ‘wage equality’ crap, it fails horrifically and predictably. This is why socialism does not work, just as communism does not work. I take that back, if done under threat of force, they still don’t work, but you limp along anyway. In my opinion, there should not be a minimum wage. The market should dictate wages and if it were left alone, things would average out and be fairer and far more workable than they are now. But, no… let’s mess with the economy! Socialism will work this time, because this time we’re doing it right! Wrong. Income earned should be a by-product of exchange of valuable skills. Not because a warm body shows up to do a crappy job badly. There’s no incentive and it is doomed to failure. $30 pizzas… reason 1,587,000 to get the hell out of California.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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