Classroom Guide Says Teachers Should Call Their Students ‘Friends’ Instead of Girls and Boys

Classroom Guide Says Teachers Should Call Their Students ‘Friends’ Instead of Girls and Boys

American students are falling farther and farther behind the rest of the world, and instead of focusing on improving education, officials are worried about indoctrinating our children with liberal lunacy instead. The latest example is a back-to-school guide that tells teachers to never refer to their students as girls and boys.

Elementary Students

To help “create a classroom where students aren’t limited based on gender stereotypes,” teachers should address classes using words like “friends or “students” rather than girls and boys, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) advises in a new back-to-school guide.

The first tip suggested by the HRC’s Welcoming Schools Initiative is for teachers to avoid using gender to “divide and address students.” The guide claims that separating students for activities according to gender “can leave some students feeling out-of-place, making them distracted or isolated and not able to focus on learning.”

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The guide recommends finding new, inventive ways of dividing students for activities. “When lining students up for lunch, rather than saying, ‘Girls line up first,’ try saying, ‘Anyone wearing a green shirt can line up,’ or ‘If your name has an E please line up.’”

The guide also advises teachers to “prepare for teachable moments” linking to suggested responses for questions that might come up in class such as: “How can a family have two moms [dads]? Which one is the real one?” and “Don’t you need a woman and a man to have a baby?”

The suggested responses to those questions are, “There are all kinds of families. Some have two moms or two dads,” and “Children come into families in many different ways, and the families that love the children may have a mom and a dad, some a mom, some a dad and some have two moms or two dads.”

The guide emphasizes allowing students and families to identify their gender or not as they choose, advising that “on paperwork, avoid asking students to identify as male or female unless it is absolutely necessary.”

HRC’s guide concludes with advice to teachers to “be mindful of the ways you might be gender stereotyping students. For example, rather than only inviting girls to learn a dance during recess, invite all students, including the boys, to dance. Show pictures and videos that challenge gender stereotypes.”

The world has lost its collective mind — we’re talking about 1% of the population here, yet we’re all supposed to bend over backwards to show our “tolerance”, nevermind indoctrinate our children with blatant anti-science crap? There is no reason for any of this to be brought up inside a classroom, ever, and maybe if we worried a little more about actual education and less about indoctrinating kids with the LGBT agenda, we might catch up with the rest of the world for once.

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