Father and His Girlfriend Arrested After Locking His Six-Year-Old in a Car for 45 Minutes So They Could Go On a Date

Father and His Girlfriend Arrested After Locking His Six-Year-Old in a Car for 45 Minutes So They Could Go On a Date

Across the country, parents are being warned not to leave their children locked inside their vehicles, because the summer heat can quickly and easily kill them. But this scumbag excuse for a father locked his son into a car on purpose, all so he could take his 26-year-old girlfriend out on a date.

aric keck

A 51-year-old father and his 26-year-old girlfriend have been arrested after they allegedly locked the man’s son in a car so they could finish their date.

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Police say father Aric Keck was looking after his six-year-old son on visitation when he decided to take the boy to the upmarket Kona Grill in Alpharetta, Georgia, with girlfriend Jacqueline Tabb.

But when the boy got bored Tabb allegedly walked the youngster a block away to Keck’s car, sitting in a dark parking lot, before locking him in and returning to finish the meal for 45 minutes.

Cops were called to the scene on July 18 after the terrified boy used a cell phone in the car to call his mother, crying and sobbing down the line, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Luckily the boy was able to read the street signs and tell his mother where he was, at which point she called police.

Officers said that after speaking with the mother they called the cell phone the boy was using, spoke to the boy and discovered that he wasn’t injured.

But while they were talking to the youngster his father returned to the vehicle and the phone cut off.

According to an arrest report officers called Keck, who is thought to work as a sales manager for tech firm Intel, and he hung up again.

Keck picked up a second time and decided to speak to officers, telling them he had only left his son alone while he went to the bathroom, police say.

The arrest report says Keck then hung up and called his ex-wife, threatening to kill her while his son and Tabb listened.

Alpharetta police have since released CCTV footage from a camera outside the Asian-American themed Kona Grill, which they say shows Tabb leading the boy away from the restaurant.

Investigators say Tabb can be seen leaving the eatery with a young boy at 9.32pm, before returning without him several minutes later.

She then stays inside the restaurant with Keck until 10.15pm, when the couple are seen leaving, contradicting Keck’s claims that he only left the boy alone to go to the bathroom.

It is heartbreaking to think of how that little boy must have been feeling, and how scared he was. If there is any justice in the world, this horrible father will never be allowed to see that child again.

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