Ford Soon to Surpass GM

Rather than using bankruptcy to free themselves from the union contracts bleeding them dry, GM and Chrysler knuckled under and were absorbed by Chairman Zero’s socialist blob. Consequently, they are on the road to oblivion. Conversely, Ford held out against the heavy-handed “bailouts,” earning it great respect from the public. Soon GM will be a fading speck in Ford’s rearview mirror:

A leading economic forecasting firm [Global Insight] sees an anemic recovery in new car sales over the next 18 months, but a stronger rebound after 2012 when Ford’s market share in the U.S. will surpass General Motors and narrowly trail Toyota’s.

Ford has stood up to Big Government before, most famously when Henry Ford derided the Blue Eagle symbolizing FDR’s thuggish attempts to lord it over the auto industry as “Roosevelt’s buzzard.” By staving off Comrade Obama’s socialist power grabs, it has established itself as the only truly American car company.

For its part, Government Motors has rolled out its new 2010 BS Class Hybrid:

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