Spokane to Vote on Right to Have No Rights

A strategy for destroying our constitutional rights that goes back to FDR’s disastrous regime is to replace them with whimsical new rights that effectively reduce us to slaves. Roosevelt schemed of inflicting an “Economic Bill of Rights” that would make a farce of fundamental real rights, such as the right to own property.

Comrade Obama revealed that he shares a conception of rights that would have horrified the Founding Fathers when he stated during a debate that healthcare is a human right, implying that you have a right for the government to force other people to pay for the goods and services you consume. Seen from the other side, this means you have the right for the government to expropriate the product of your labor and give it to someone else. You have the right to be a slave.

Now Spokane, a city that normally represents the sane side of Washington State, has climbed aboard the slaves rights campaign with a “Community Bill of Rights” that entails sacrificing basic freedoms to attain liberal utopia. It will be on the ballot next month, calling for the following:

1. Residents have the right to a locally-based economy
2. Residents have the right to affordable preventative health care
3. Residents have the right to affordable and safe housing
4. Residents have the right to affordable and renewable energy
5. The natural environment has the right to exist and flourish
6. Residents have the right to determine the future of their neighborhoods
7. Workers have the right to be paid the prevailing wage, and the right to work as apprentices, on certain construction projects
8. Workers have the right to employer neutrality when unionizing, and the right to constitutional protections within the workplace

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No doubt all of this sounds wonderful to moonbats. But a moment’s reflection reveals that only a totalitarian government could guarantee these “rights,” and only by trampling the real rights enshrined in our constitution.

A “right” to a “locally-based economy”? This is a right for the government to impose draconian restrictions on trade. A “right” to affordable and renewable energy? This means the government has a right to spend your money on subsidies for windmills and pixie dust.

There’s a reason the Founding Fathers didn’t grant us the right to a chicken in every pot. Rights guarantee freedom. Entitlements, handouts, and moonbattery guarantee slavery.

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