Foreigner Hiring Surges Under Obama

It’s probably raaaaacist to even mention this, but Dick Morris brings the story

(The Hill) Amid the media focus on the basic data in the August jobs report — that the economy “added” 143,000 jobs — is the figure that will underscore the Republican efforts to take the Senate.

During the month of August, the economy added about 659,000 jobs that went to foreign-born Americans (naturalized citizens, green card holders and illegal immigrants combined). At the same time, it lost about 643,000 jobs that had been held by native-born Americans.

Indeed, since President Obama took office, the number of foreign-born Americans who have jobs has risen by 2.9 million while the number of domestically born Americans who are employed has grown by only 1.2 million.

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In other words, about three out of four jobs created during the Obama presidency went to immigrants.

When the president was inaugurated in 2009, 14.9 percent of all employed Americans had been born outside of the 50 states. At this point, the number has risen to 16.8 percent.

What does all this really mean?

The average American worker might not know these numbers (they are not publicized by the liberal media), but he feels the data in his gut. He is coming to realize that there will be no income growth or real employment increase, unless the U.S. limits immigration.

The immigration issue has now morphed into the economic issue and the terror issue.

Our wide-open back border is encouraging both wage stagnation and joblessness in the United States and inviting terrorists to cross over and to create havoc in our country.

Team Obama and the Democrats couldn’t care less about these and other issues. All they want are new Democrat voters.

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