22 Democrats vote with House Republicans to CONDEMN Obama’s Bergdahl Prisoner Swap

Barack Obama broke the law when he negotiated with terrorists to free deserter Bowe Bergdahl. Impeachment actually wouldn’t be an inappropriate response, but it couldn’t get through the Senate. So, THIS will have to do for now.


The House voted 249-163 to disapprove of President Barack Obama’s transfer of five Guantanamo Bay detainees for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, providing a soft rebuke of the president’s actions on the prisoner swap.

On the nonbinding resolution vote, 22 Democrats joined all 227 voting Republicans to condemn the administration for not providing the 30 days of notice required by law before transferring a prisoner at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center.

Armed Services Chairman Howard “Buck” McKeon, R-Calif., called the prisoner swap an “obvious” violation of the law, and he said Congress needed to understand the national security risks posed by transferring detainees before such a swap takes place.

…But the sponsor of the resolution, Republican Scott Rigell of Virginia, argued his legislation was not about partisan politics. Rigell said it was about holding the president accountable for breaking the law.

“And if we don’t hold the administration accountable for this, who will?” Rigell said.

I guess we should be happy that 22 Democrats joined Republicans in rebuking Obama, but it should scare people that the majority of Democrats in the House seem to oppose any and all checks on his power.

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