2-year-old suffers second degree burns after his mother’s boyfriend puts him in dryer…and turns it on

2-year-old suffers second degree burns after his mother’s boyfriend puts him in dryer…and turns it on

A New Hampshire man has been accused of putting the two-year-old son of his girlfriend in a clothes dryer and turning it on, seriously burning the boy.

Adam Morton baby in dryer

According to a police affidavit, Adam Morton, 27, admitted to investigators that he lowered the child into the dryer in early August, leaving the child with second degree burns on his back, arms and feet. Morton was left in charge of the boy by his partner and claims that even though he did put the boy inside the dryer, he did so for only one revolution of the drum.

However, according to WCSH6, the police affidavit contains the evidence of Dr. Lawrence Ricci, who conducted his own forensic examination of the boy. He concluded ‘there were lesions on the lower back that looked like they could have been healing burns and incidentally, the two circular lesions correspond to bolts on the inside of the dryer. Ricci also said that ‘the distribution of the burns indicates either that the child was moving fairly dramatically and or the dryer was moving.’

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In conclusion, Dr. Ricci said that the boy was inside the dryer for a ‘fairly prolonged period of time. And the dryer, indeed, may have actually been turning.’ As part of their ongoing investigation, police took the dryer from the mother’s Maine home and tested to see how hot the drum got when it was on. They put the machine on for five minutes at the ‘low’ setting and the dryer hit 125 degrees.

However, when it was put on ‘normal’ for three minues the temperatrue hit 180 degrees. Morton was staying with his girlfriend and her three other children when the incident occurred. According to WSCH6, when representatives from the Department of Health and Human Services arrived to interview the other children, they were told by them that Morton ‘does mean things’ to the boy.

Morton is currently facing a charge of aggravated assault and is currently in custody on $2,500 cash bail.

I’m not a violent person but this guy needs to have a more serious punishment than the law provides. How anyone can look at a 2-year-old and think the child could deserve such disgusting torture is beyond me. The mother of these children needs to run away from this guy and never look back.

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