Former New York Cops Collect Disability While Pursuing Athletic Interests

Unless you are a foreigner, jobs are hard to find in Obama’s economy. Good thing we don’t need them anyway. We can just go on disability, which has the advantage of freeing up time so that we can pursue personal hobbies like bodybuilding:

An NYPD officer who retired with a disability pension now regularly participates in bodybuilding competitions — and pension rules permit it.

Derek Huebner retired on Aug. 31, 1996 after six years on the force, according to the New York City Police Pension Fund.

He receives $40,885.20, tax-free plus benefits, every year from the fund…

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Huebner supposedly injured his shoulder back in the 1990s, but started bodybuilding about a year later.

Another athletic disabled person who used the NYPD as a stepping stool to climb aboard the disability gravy train is Christopher DePaolis:

A retired NYPD cop awarded a disability pension after tearing up his knee in a foot pursuit works as a sheriff’s deputy near Miami and runs races — and it’s all legal.

The unabashed abuse of taxpayer dollars is laid bare on the Facebook page of the cop, Christopher DePaolis, where he lamented America’s descent into a handout culture — and shared his decision to screw the state for all it’s worth.

“Now I’ll take whatever I can get for this state and not feel one bit bad. If everyone else is going to get free s–t and not have to work. . . . I plan to do the same now. They made it clear to me so now am joining them,” he wrote on Facebook Nov. 7, 2012, the day after President Obama was reelected.

You could call it “going Galt for freeloaders.” Truth to tell, in a society run by parasites, the only other option is to be their host — or to work hard to overthrow the parasites.

On Aug. 30, 2013, DePaolis was approved for his NYPD disability pension, which provides him with $6,839 per month — or $82,069 annually, according to the New York City Police Pension Fund. The pension is tax-free, and also provides health benefits for life.

Meanwhile others bust their tails to pay for it.

On top of the disability, DePaolis earns $52,156 working for the Broward County Sheriff’s Department in Florida, which is not prohibited by the terms of the disability pension.

It is so easy to qualify for disability that a growing number of Americans are retiring in their 20s. This is how the Obama Regime is able to keep the official unemployment rate low even while the workforce participation rate declines. Only people who are looking for work count as unemployed. Why look for a job when the government will pay you to stay idle?

It isn’t a system of government. It is a looting spree.

The “disabled” Derek Huebner.

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