“Government doesn’t give tax cuts, it takes more or less taxes”

Keith Hennessey:

The President’s language puts us on a slippery slope. Under this approach we treat all: tax revenues as if they originate within the government. : We create moral parity between giving tax cuts and increasing government spending. : We trust government officials to reallocate society’s resources to those whom they determine most need it while ignoring the harm done by the taking. : By ignoring this harm we set no limiting principle on the government’s ability to take that which we earn and own and give it to others. : We make the rich pay more since they have greater ability to pay and less need.

At the end of this slippery slope we find a general principle:

From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.

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Karl Marx (Critique of the Gotha Program, 1875)

Ring the bell, kids. School is out.

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