Remember That “Crazy Anti-Gay Lady” The Left Went Nuts About?

Just a few days ago, many lefty blogs featured a crazy lady saying all sorts of crazy things. What they were most upset with were the parts about gays, such as

“P- E- N- I- S goes into the anus to rupture intestines. The more a man does this the more he’ll be a fatality or a homicider…”

“A huge percent of gay men in school grounds molest boys, partly because they don’t have AIDS yet…”

“Hillary Clinton’s roommate four years in college was a gay woman. To avoid going gay like Clinton did, college students need single rooms and single gender dorms… A college woman is seduced with illegal Rohypnol to go gay.”

Sites like the Huffington Post, Aksarbent, and Towlroad all featured comments and commentary blaming Christians, calling all Christians hateful fundamentalists, all the normal stuff, such as

She is living proof of what fundamental Christianity does to a human being.
It would be funny if it weren’t believed by so many in the United States of Theocracy.

And they were all calling her the crazy anti-gay lady. Many chose to link her, without proof, to the GOP. What was missing? Well, context

A video of a woman testifying against the anti-discrimination ordinance at the Lincoln City Council this week went viral, but her family says she is diagnosed with schizophrenia and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Jane Svoboda, 52, made several bizarre and disjointed statements during her five minutes of testimony at Monday’s meeting.

The Huffington Post, MSNBC and popular sites such as Gawker and Reddit published the video and stories Friday with little context and Svoboda’s name misspelled. The stories garnered more than 100,000 views.

So, when they were calling her crazy, well, yes, she is actually mentally ill. Think the liberals who tee’d off on her will feel guilty? Aren’t the supposed to be the self-appointed champions of people who can’t fend for themselves?

Svoboda lives at an assisted-living facility in Lincoln and is listed as a protected person, according to court documents. Her brother, Patrick Svoboda of Ogallala, is her conservator because she is incompetent, the documents say.

“To me, it shows how little society really cares about people with mental health issues,” Patrick Svoboda said. “She does have a very tender heart … but anything she says is certifiably schizophrenic … she’s not some crazy conservative.”

It just goes to show that sometimes a bit of context is needed before one runs a story attempting to slur someone and a whole political party.

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