“Snail Mail Spam Subsidies Stuttering Towards A Stop”

Walter Mead Russell has been doing a great series on the failure of the blue state social model. Here’s the opening to another fine piece:’

The USPS is one of the great surviving examples of the blue social model and, not surprisingly, it is going down the tubes.:  Technological change has made its original mission of delivering vital information and private correspondence obsolete.:  Judging by what comes in through the mail slot at the stately Mead manor these days, the primary job of the postal service appears to be the delivery of the snail mail equivalent of spam.

Snail spamming is an expensive business to be in; the USPS loses billions of dollars each year so that advertisers can send out billions of pieces of spam at below market costs.:  In fairness, e-spammers should demand an equivalent subsidy; shouldn’t non-prescription Viagra dealers and Nigerian con artists get the same kind of help from a benevolent government that the Publisher’s Clearinghouse gets for junk mail?

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