Supermarket Union May Force Hundreds Of Stores To Close….Over $9 A Week

Apparently, all the unionized supermarket workers in California don’t want to pay their fair share

The “Big Three” Southern California grocery chains are bracing for a strike and possible shut down after the union representing grocery workers canceled their contract with the stores.

About 62,000 workers in the United Food and Commercial Workers union at Albertsons, Ralphs and Vons could walk off the job as soon as Sunday night.

The union’s qualms are health-care centric.

The union is asking for the companies to shoulder more of the costs.

You know what the companies are shouldering now? Pretty much all of it. The workers have no paycheck deductions at this time. None. Zip. Zero.

In the current offer from the companies, workers would have to pay $9 a week for solo coverage and $23 per week for a family, union and company officials told the Los Angeles Times.

That’s right, the unions are freaking out and threatening to strike, which would potentially close up to 350 stores in Southern California, over actually contributing minor amounts to their own health insurance plans.

“I think they are out of their minds for doing anything like this now. I’m going to get work. If they decide they don’t want to do it, I’ll do it, and I’ll continue to shop here anyway, because this is where I live,” said Bill Nelson, a shopper in Valencia, Calif.

California’s unemployment rate is 12.1% at this time, and workers have authorized a potential strike over having to actually contribute to their own health insurance. But, with liberalism, it’s always about the other guy: in this case, making the other guy pay for their health insurance

Cynthia Bambila, grocery store employee said, “I’m a single parent, so I depend on my health care for my daughter. So I would depend on welfare for tax payers to pay for my health care.”

Or, you could actually pay the minor cost and contribute to the health of your daughter, instead of being greedy and expecting someone else to take care of her

(Sign on San Diego) Mellissa Forster Anderson expressed an opinion that was common on SignOnSanDiego comments on Friday. “Just try and get health care for one person at that price, talk about being out of touch,” she wrote.

Being unionized means always saying that someone else will pay.

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