Testimony in favor of Wal-Mart from Stone Street Advisors

Reluctant testimony it seems, but testimony nonetheless.

At Walmart, we found a surprisingly large lawn & garden section, including a grill selection rivaling that at Home Depot and Lowe’s.:  I was previously unaware Walmart dabbled in pavers and masonry block, but apparently, they do.:  When people say that you can literally get anything at Walmart, I’m usually quick to dismiss them for two reasons.:  1: Many are the carcasses of retailers past who aspired towards this goal, and 2: its just not possible, in my head, to carry such a wide variety of items and manage inventory (turns, mix, etc); seldom, in any endeavor, does trying to be all things to all people work out at all, let alone well.:  After walking the aisles, though, I am convinced Walmart has, for now, accomplished what I previously thought impossible.

Cross-posted from Newmark’s Door.

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