Paraphrasing David Plouff: Americans are idiots who never look past their own noses.

Greg Sargent thinks we should look at what David Plouff really said about unemployment.

Indeed, we should. Just two days ago, I took HuffPo’s Michael McAuliff to task for misrepresenting something Sen. Jeff Sessions said. So for me to misrepresent something somebody said myself…well, I’m sure it wouldn’t be the first time. But this once, let’s be sure.

Earlier today, I made great fun of David Plouff for having told reporters that voters won’t vote based on the unemployment rate in 2012. A taste:

Who’s as smart as David Plouffe?

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Nobody. That’s who. Promote this guy. Fast.

Top Obama adviser says unemployment won’t be key in 2012


But what, exactly did Plouff say? This:

…there is a lot of attention focused on the unemployment rate. The average American does not view the economy through the prism of GDP or unemployment rates or even monthly jobs numbers.

In fact, those terms very rarely pass their lips. So it’s a very one-dimensional view. They view the economy through their own personal prism. You see, people’s – people’s attitude towards their own personal financial situation has actually improved over time. You know, they’re still concerned about the long-term economic future of the country, but it’s things like “My sister was unemployed for six months and was living in my basement and now she has a job.”

Not that there’s no truth to what Plouff said, but…well, “it’s a very one-dimensional view.” Firstly, because if it’s “things like ‘My sister was unemployed for six months and was living in my basement and now she has a job,'” then there’s a lot of people whose “personal prisms” are telling them the economy sucks.

Those 9.2% unemployed people have a lot of brothers, sisters, parents, children, friends.

Secondly, even if you, personally, don’t know anybody who’s long-term unemployed, you can see the unemployment numbers. You can see the gas prices. You watch the news, or read it, or hear it on the radio. You’re not an idiot: you can understand aspects of the larger world around you.

Even if your personal situation is hunky dory, you know others’ situations aren’t. And you know that overall, things haven’t gotten better even into Obama’s third year.

So for Plouff to shake off economic indicators as an election-year issue because “the average American” doesn’t care about them, that’s just dumb. Ask Jimmy Carter. Ask George Bush, Sr.

Ask Barack Obama, two years from now.

Or, you know what? Never mind. Listen to Plouff, Mr. President. He’s got your back.

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