Why Is Steubenville, Ohio, A Model Of Economic Success?

I know the supporters of Obama’s failed and destructive policies would love to say “Obamanomics!” Alas, no

(ABC News) Steubenville, Ohio, may not look like a city sitting on a multi-billion dollar industry. Unemployment here reached 15 percent in 2010, and a now-shuttered steel mill — which was once the lifeline of the Steubenville economy — is now just a painful reminder of what used to be.

While the old way is gone for good — a new way has already changed lives.

More than 300 new jobs have already come to the Steubenville area. And as many as 10,000 more are expected in the next three years. If jobs keep growing at this pace, every adult in Steubenville could be working by April.

Can you guess why? If you guess “green” jobs, nope, sorry

Two huge shale formations — the Marcellus and Utica — lay underneath a five-state region. Steubenville sits right on the epicenter of the Marcellus formation, ready to absorb all the new positions needed to open new and repurposed old wells.

Why, yes, fossil fuels. And people are relocating to…Steubenville, Ohio. Lots of people. For good paying jobs. Really good paying jobs. And the people really could care less about the “environmental impacts,” and the controversy over fracking.

“It’s peace of mind … knowing that when the money comes we’ll be able to put money away for college for the kids, pay off some debts,” said Monica Wetherell.

And let’s not forget something else

The boom doesn’t end with the drilling jobs. There were bright spots visible all over the town. A few weeks ago, Scaffidi’s restaurant needed only had 25 seats. Now, there are seven times more people coming in for lunch. The boom is also expected to mean more businesses, more teachers and more hotels. Everyone seems to be cashing in.

So, the hunt for fossil fuels, of which the United States is chock full of, brings good paying jobs to an area quickly. And support jobs arise just as quickly. All without dumping enormous amounts of government money (ie, taxpayer funds funneled to campaign contributors) into the projects. And these projects will reap a profit. They won’t be shutting down as soon as the seed money runs out. Looks like a prescription for economic success.

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