Occupiers Are Shown To Have No Clue About Anything

New York Magazine decided to brave the unsanitary and squalid conditions of Zuccotti Park and ask questions of the Occupy Wall Street folks. 50 of these supposedly super smart and informed Occupiers …..how smart can one be to go days without bathing and changing clothes while living with people doing the same?…..were asked questions, and, the answers were not pretty

So, these folks who are whining about banks, and about the $5 fee from Bank Of America (they’ve gone to BoA to protest multiple times) have no clue. These same morons are advocating for everyone to pull their money out of banks on November 15th, because of the unintended consequences of Dodd-Frank.

A whopping 10% know that the marginal rate is between 25-50%. It’s actually 35%. Ninety percent are clueless.

This one is rather sad, since Lefties were pushing hard for Elizabeth Warren to be the first commissar, er, head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, created by, yup, Frank-Dodd. She was chair of the panel which oversaw TARP. And she is running for Scott Brown’s (R-Mass) Senate seat. The fact that only 24% have somewhat of a clue should be embarrassing.

In fact, health care and pensions accounts for 43% of the budget, and the military only 20%, as the New Yorker points out. John Hindaraker at Powerline writes: “To be blunt, people this dumb should be ashamed to show their faces in public, let alone try to tell the rest of us how to run the country.” Quite true. Only 28% know that the SEC is the Securities and Exchange Commission. 38% know that “Bernake” is the head of the Federal Reserve, despite all the signs about abolishing/auditing the Fed.

But, then, if they were really smart, they wouldn’t need to advocate for redistributing other people’s money to themselves.

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