Achievement Inequality and the Stolen Stole

When leftists denounce income inequality, what they are actually objecting to is achievement inequality. They can take heart that their cause has been advanced at a high school in the Dallas area:

National Honor Society (NHS) stoles are [a] frequent sight at high school graduation ceremonies around the country, but one Plano Senior High School student is frustrated that he won’t be allowed to wear one when he puts on his cap and gown next month.

According to school practices, students are not allowed to wear NHS regalia.

Garrett Frederick has been a National Honor Society member since his sophomore year, dedicating himself to maintaining a high GPA and performing community service hours.

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“I’m not just an honor student — I’m an NHS student. I worked hard. I put in the hours,” Frederick said, explaining that he committed to 20 hours of community service every semester.

Apparently Garrett feels no shame whatsoever for making those who are less dedicated and industrious look bad by comparison. But educrats will not allow him to make a pageant of his incorrectness.

Garrett’s mother, who was not happy about him not being permitted to wear the white satin stole he had worked so hard to earn, discovered the egalitarian motive behind this small but highly emblematic act of oppression:

KellyAnn Frederick says a National Honor Society sponsor claimed school administrators want everyone to feel included in graduation and not single students out.

So that everyone feels “included,” competition for honors must be eradicated. That’s why the Wake County, North Carolina school board recently did away with class valedictorians and salutatorians.

Under oligarchical collectivism, we are grass on a golf course. The groundskeepers can’t allow individual blades to grow taller than the others. That would wreck the plan.

Forbidden at Plano Senior High School.

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