The Essence of Socialism: Police Firing Teargas at Protestors Desperate for Food

No one can claim they don’t know where Bernie Sanders–style democratic socialism leads. Not with Venezuela imploding right before our eyes:

Venezuelan security forces fired teargas at protesters chanting “We want food!” near Caracas’ presidential palace on Thursday, the latest street violence in the crisis-hit OPEC nation.

Hundreds of angry Venezuelans heading toward Miraflores palace in downtown Caracas were met by National Guard troops and police who blocked a major road. …

The protest spilled out of long lines at shops in the area, witnesses said, after some people tried to hijack a food truck.

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“I’ve been here since eight in the morning. There’s no more food in the shops and supermarkets,” one woman told pro-opposition broadcaster Vivoplay. …

Critics say Venezuela’s economic chaos is the consequence of failed socialist policies for the last 17 years, especially price and currency controls.

Venezuelans were rendered helpless even to feed themselves by ubiquitous, all-powerful government. Now when they demand the bare essentials of survival, they are offered teargas instead.

Resource-wise, Venezuela is a rich country. But that doesn’t matter under socialism.

Meanwhile, Venezuela’s democratic socialist president Nicolas Maduro offers his colleague Bernie Sanders a ringing endorsement, referring to him as his “revolutionary friend.”

Sanders is Maduro’s friend just as he was a friend to the Soviets and the Sandinistas. But Bernie is no friend of America. As presidential candidates, not even Shrillary and Trump are more appalling.

The friendly face of democratic socialism in resource-rich, starving Venezuela.

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