BREAKING: School Board STICKS It To Obama With MASSIVE Move – Parents Are CHEERING!

BREAKING: School Board STICKS It To Obama With MASSIVE Move – Parents Are CHEERING!

How is it that we have lost our way so deeply that we now consider men using women’s facilities as a civil rights issue? Our girls, boys, women and men all deserve a place to relieve themselves or shower in peace, but the left views this concept as discrimination. One school board, however, is fighting back against this leftist radicalism and working to protect children – a fact that is sure to rile the leftist perverts.


From the Conservative Tribune:

All across America, state legislators and school boards are starting to stand up for children and prohibitingtransgender people from using any bathroom they want.

ABC News reported that a north Florida School board has passed a measure that would prohibit transgender people from using a bathroom that doesn’t correspond to the sex listed on their birth certificate.

The ACLU has warned the Marion County School Board that the ban is unconstitutional and could lead to the school losing its federal funding, but some say that is not true.

“No school district has ever lost federal funding for maintaining gender-appropriate facilities, despite the claims of activists,” said Roger Gannam, an attorney for the conservative legal group Liberty Counsel.

School board member Carol El stated that she had thought long and hard about the issue and ultimately decided that just because someone has decided they want to be female doesn’t mean they get to use whatever restroom they want.

“I thought about it and that’s reverse discrimination,” she explained.

The ban came around after the district allowed transgender people to use the restroom of their choice about two months ago, but a parent claimed that his son’s privacy was being violated.

This parent was uncomfortable with having his son share the restroom with a girl who has decided that she is actually a man.

The issue of transgender restroom rights has become a big deal recently. Liberals seem to think that grown men who think they are women should be allowed into the same restroom as little girls.

Conservatives say that this is morally wrong, and that people should only use the restroom of the sex they were born with. However some leading Republicans, including Donald Trump, have actually stated that they think people should be allowed to use the restroom of their choice.

This issue is far from complicated. We are not espousing hatred or calls for violence; we are simply calling for men and women to use their respective restrooms.

If we are supposed to accept infringements upon our Second Amendment in order to protect children, why are we not supposed to inconvenience the fraction of the population that identifies as transgender in order to protect children?

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