TOLD YOU! Just ONE Month After Minimum Wage Hike – Look What’s Happening in California

TOLD YOU! Just ONE Month After Minimum Wage Hike – Look What’s Happening in California

Liberals were able to get a minimum wage hike passed in California. It’s only been a month, and the disastrous results are already noticeable.

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From the Conservative Tribune:

A director of a conservative organization claimed this week that companies in California have begun to flee the state over its decision earlier this month to spike the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

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“It’s been less than a month since California passed legislation to hike the minimum wage to $15, and disastrous impacts are already being felt,” Jeremy Adler, communications director for America Rising Squared, told The Daily Caller.

“Between companies leaving the state, employees being laid off and workers getting replaced by robotic automation, it’s clear that the economic consequences of this move will only serve to hurt workers and the private sector,” he added.

Is it really as clear as Adler claimed, though? Yes, in fact, it is.

According to San Diego radio station KOGO, the Five Loaves Two Fish Clothing company decided to outsource its manufacturing positions to overseas firms in response to the minimum wage hike.

Likewise, Pasadena radio station KPCC reported that commercial airplane parts manufacturer California Composites planned to relocate to Texas, as remaining in California was simply not feasible anymore.

… Speaking with the Los Angeles Daily News, Inland Empire economist John Husing added that California’s minimum wage hike is only going to spur companies into investing more money into automated technology.

“It will increase the introduction of robotic technology with these companies,” he remarked. “That’s the conveyor belts and things that pack boxes and move them down the belt. That sort of thing is going to increase, and it’s already been increasing.”

The power of positive thinking may sell books, but it doesn’t do much good in the real world. Instead of thinking they can arbitrarily jack up the minimum wage to give everyone more money without any consequences, maybe they should try learning some basic economics first.

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