Media Is Calling Muslims THIS New Name – Hoping To Make Them Sound VICTIMIZED!

Media Is Calling Muslims THIS New Name – Hoping To Make Them Sound VICTIMIZED!

The left loves to continually redefine terms so as to craft preferred narratives. It’s not “pro-abortion,” it’s “pro-choice.” It’s not “anti-Second Amendment,” it’s “commonsense gun control.” In a recent case, a Muslim fanatic who defends ISIS was labeled “politically black” so as to craft a narrative that implies victimhood. Talk about pathetic…


From the Conservative Tribune:

What would you call a Muslim woman who sympathizes with Palestinian terrorists and refuses to admit that the Islamic State group is motivated by the teachings of Islam?

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Most of us might call her an idiot, but according to Breitbart, British public-service television broadcaster Channel 4 instead chose to call her “politically black.”

Moreover, Malia Bouattia, president-elect of Britain’s National Union of Students , claimed during an interview with the broadcaster that the people who were branding her an “ISIS sympathizer” were only doing so because she is a “black Muslim woman.”

Except that she in fact happens to be an Algerian Arab, not that such facts matter to either her or her liberal supporters.

During her interview with the channel, Bouattia also refused to answer whether she believed Israel had a right to exist and whether or not she has a problem with the country.

“Israel as it behaves is problematic to me,” she responded with a devious smirk.

The terror-sympathizing student president had an even more ludicrous reply when the host asked her why she had blocked a motion to condemn the Islamic State group. She blamed “problematic wording” that might hold “all Muslims accountable for their actions.”

She basically wanted to ensure that the motion contained no references to religion, because God forbid that anybody admit that the Islamic State group was motivated by the teachings of Islam.

Bouattia sounds like a chip off the old block of President Barack Hussein Obama, which might explain why Channel 4 chose to call her “politically black.”

I guess that to the liberals at Channel 4, as well as Muslim woman Malia Bouattia, being black means supporting terrorists, refusing to admit the truth about the Islamic State group and being an anti-Semite who secretly hates Israel.

Wow. If that isn’t an example of racism at its finest, then I don’t know what is …

The left understands the importance of labels and they use them aggressively. “Government shutdown,” “progressive,” “war on women” – they all are designed to obscure the realities of the positions behind these terms.

“Politically black” is such a term (even if it really makes no sense).

We must be willing to look at the geopolitical landscape and understand that while Islam is not murdering innocent people, those who are murdering innocent people are doing so based on their warped understandings of Islam.

In this view, it’s clear that we are at war with radical Islam. Call it whatever you want.

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