Chicago Public Schools Teach 5th-Graders About “Safe” Anal Sex

It is absolutely essential that education be pried loose from the claws of Big Government and Big Unions. Otherwise children will continue to be educated by liberals. For a graphic example of what this entails, refer to Chicago, the political cesspools of which spawned our Community Organizer in Chief:

Parents at a Near West Side school say they are “shocked” and “horrified” after viewing a new sex education curriculum intended for fifth-graders, saying the way the information is presented is over the top and not age-appropriate.

During report card pickup Wednesday at Andrew Jackson Language Academy, the school hosted several parent workshops, including an afternoon meeting on Chicago Public Schools’ newest sex ed curriculum.

At one point, parents could view materials intended for students. A binder labeled as the curriculum for students in fifth grade touted the benefits of female condoms for extending sex and increasing pleasure and encouraged using lubrication.

Fifth graders are typically 10 or 11 years old.

An additional page in the binder instructs students how to use female condoms for anal sex. …

A CPS teacher who did not want to be named confirmed that the new sex ed curriculum was implemented in fifth-grade classes at her North Side school during the last school year.

The slides below indicate what stratospheric property taxes have been paying progressives to ram down the throats of 10-year-olds:

FC = female condom.

What will it take to get people to rebel against our ruling class of moonbat degenerates?

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