Liberal War on Reality Features Men Giving Birth

What a bizarre and sickening freak show progressives are reducing Western Civilization to:

54 men have given birth in Australia in the last year alone, according to figures released by Medicare. A number of people identifying as men have also accessed abortions, the figures revealed. The trend for transsexual men to give birth has been growing ever since the first birth to a ‘father’, American transsexual Thomas Beatie, in 2007, according to the MailOnline.

Obviously no man ever gave birth. Yet we read that men do, because in their arrogant and fanatical drive to impose their sick ideology on every conceivable aspect of existence, liberals have established that to be a man or a woman you merely have to call yourself one, physical reality be damned.

By the same token, you should be able to declare yourself an aardvark, with the expectation that people will treat you exactly as if you really were an aardvark.

Medicare in Australia recently decided to allow people to elect their own gender on documents instead of being forced to identify with the sex they were born. The change has revealed a trend for transgender men to keep their female reproductive organs and give birth. Following Beatie’s lead, men in America soon followed suit, with Beatie himself going on to have two more children in the last seven years.

“Beatie himself.” Even Breitbart is going along with this literal insanity. Beatie is a woman — freakish in the extreme, having undergone grotesque treatments to make her look like a man, but a woman nonetheless.

One artificial man who recently gave birth in Australia was in the “55–64 age range.” Let’s hope the kid turns out okay physically, and is promptly put up for adoption. Otherwise its chances for a happy childhood and normal life are nil.

The progressive contempt for objective reality is not limited to pandering to transsexuals. An obvious example is global warming. With more than a week to go before Thanksgiving, 50% of the country is covered in snow. The cold is setting records. Yet the Obama Regime defiantly plans to ignore the Constitution so as to cripple the economy in the name of obviously nonexistent global warming.

Since in their minds they control reality itself, it doesn’t matter that falling temperatures have debunked Al Gore’s pseudoscientific theories. Just change the name of the hoax to “climate change” to placate idiots and the jihad against industrialization can continue, the pointy-headed masterminds secure in their unsubstantiated faith that one day their climate models will prove true.

The big lesson from George Orwell’s 1984 is that liberty is the freedom to say that 2 + 2 = 4. That is the key to resisting liberalism. Once you let them tell you that men give birth, that all weather is global warming caused by insufficient taxes and regulations, that privileged special interest groups are oppressed, that it is normal to be a pervert, that freedom is unjust, or that 2 + 2 is something other than 4, the bad guys have beaten you.

Not a man, no matter what Big Brother says.

On tips from Henry, Bodhisattva, and Petterssonp. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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