A woman whose four pit bulls got into her neighbors’ backyard and killed their pet beagle is suing them for $1 million dollars

Gee, wonder how the deceased beagle is feeling? The poor, 10 year-old beagle never stood a chance against the four pit bulls who tore him apart in his own backyard. And in a criminally stupid move, the woman who owned them… who let them loose to savage the lovable beagle… decides to sue the owner of said beagle, because she thought she might hit the million dollar jackpot. Uh, no. She is more likely to get thrown out of court and have to pay her court costs and the beagle owner’s as well. It is the very definition of a frivolous lawsuit and trying to game the system.

A Texas woman whose four pit bulls got into her neighbors’ backyard and killed their pet beagle
is suing them for $1million; pictured is a stock image of a pit bull.

From the Daily Mail:

A Texas woman whose four pit bulls got into her neighbors’ backyard and killed their pet beagle is suing them for $1million.

In a lawsuit filed this week, Emerald White claimed she was ‘seriously injured’ on October 27 by trying to stop the attack that occurred after her dogs found a hole in the fence which separated the two properties.

She told the Galveston County district court that she suffered ‘multiple serious bite and scratch-type injuries’ trying to separate her dogs and the 10-year-old beagle.

According to reports, Ms White has further complained that she’s feeling ‘conscious pain and suffering and now suffers also from fear, anxiety and trepidation’ as a result of the ‘unprovoked attack’.

And she further alleges that Bailey’s owner, Steve Baker, had ‘failed to confine and restrict Bailey in a secure enclosure’.

However, accounts of the incident report that Bailey was killed in his own backyard and that the injuries Ms Emerald had suffered were caused by her own dogs which had entered the neighbors unlawfully.

Bailey’s owner, Steve Baker, told The Daily News that everyone was telling him to sue White, but he decided not to because it wouldn’t being Bailey back.

Police had declared Ms White’s dogs were dangerous which was the only outcome he wanted.

He ‘couldn’t believe’ Ms White had taken legal action.

Dangerous dogs must be registered with Texas City annually and anyone owning one must put up warning signs and have a fence at least six feet high. They are also required to have a $100,000 liability on the dogs.

Mr Baker described his dog Bailey as a ‘loyal companion’ to the family and had been around his two daughters since they were newborns

He said that before the incident he had tried to replace parts of the fence to better safeguard his family and their pet.

So, now a heartbroken family and two little girls will be without their best and most loyal friend all because of some thoughtless grifter and her four marauding pit bulls. She had to know the dogs were violent and I wouldn’t put it past her to have set the whole thing up for some kind of imagined pay day. She should have to make restitution to the owner of the beagle. Baker was far more restrained than I would have been – he seems to be a true gentleman. White should have the book thrown at her and the dogs removed.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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