Child Sex Slaves at School for Rich Moonbats

Germany’s Odenwaldschule gives an idea of why some are alarmed that perverted degenerates like Obama’s “Safe Schools” Czar Kevin Jennings are put in positions of authority in education.

Pupils at a progressive private boarding school in Hesse were regularly sexually abused, the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper reported Saturday.

The Odenwaldschule school board admitted to the paper that teachers had abused wards at the school for years. School director Margarita Kaufmann told the newspaper, “As far as I am concerned, it is a fact that sexual abuse occurred here at least since 1971.”

According to accounts by former pupils, teachers at the school in Heppenheim woke them by stroking their genitals, forced them to perform oral sex, and were made into “sex slaves” for whole weekends.

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Teachers also beat their wards, provided them with drugs and alcohol, and did not intervene when several pupils sexually abused a girl.

Naturally the school was philosophically grounded in moonbattery:

The Odenwaldschule was established in 1910 with a holistic ethos of raising a child according to its own individual desires, rather than through discipline and drill.

When it comes to degeneracy, there are no moonbats like rich moonbats. Odenwaldschule is just the place for them to send their kids.

A boarder’s place at the school currently costs €2,220 a month.

Alumni include far-left politician Daniel Cohn-Bendit — aka Danny the Red — of the Green Party.

Danny the Red, product of progressive education.

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