Goshen College: The Star Spangled Banner Is Anti-Christian And “Too Divisive.”

Goshen College: The Star Spangled Banner Is Anti-Christian And <i>“Too Divisive.”</i>

Over at anti-American U AKA Goshen College, they’ve banned the Star Spangled Banner — even if they’re too gutless to tell the truth about it.

In a Facebook message posted Wednesday afternoon, Indiana’s Goshen College distanced itself from rumors that it had “banned” the playing of “The Star Spangled Banner” at sports games because the lyrics were “violent.”

“Goshen College HAS NOT ‘banned’ the National Anthem. The Board HAS asked President James E. Brenneman to find an alternative to playing the Star-Spangled Banner that fits with sports tradition,” the message clarified.

Additionally, the school denied that violence was the reasoning for their decision. Instead, it stated the board found the music to be “too divisive” and said that it compromised the college’s vision.

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The college’s clarifications differ from statements the school spokesmen and staff initially gave to Fox News network, the news organization that publicized the story.

Goshen College initially issued a statement Tuesday to Fox radio stating, “Historically, playing the national anthem has not been among Goshen College’s practices because of our Christ-centered core value of compassionate peacemaking seeming to be in conflict with the anthem’s militaristic language.”

If you think playing the national anthem of a Christian nation, founded by Godly men and colonized by Christians escaping religious persecution to be anti-Christian, then I’d suggest that you lack an understanding of the Christian principles you claim to be upholding. It’s also mind-boggling to see an American college claiming that playing the American national anthem is “too divisive.”

In other words, if you want to send your kid to a college where being patriotic is considered incompatible with being “Christ-centered,” then shuffle your kids off to anti-American U and it will work on permanently warping your kid’s values.

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