Howard Zinn Continues His Assault on America From Beyond the Grave

The most effective weapon of destruction ever leveled against the USA is not the soldier, the tank, the submarine, or even the nuclear-armed ICBM. It is the moonbat. A devastating example is Howard Zinn, who was a far worse enemy to America than any hostile leader from King George to Osama bin Laden — and not only because he hated it more. Even dead he continues to destroy the country he so loathed:

Zinn’s most influential work, “A People’s History of the United States,” was published in 1980 with an initial print run of 4,000 copies. His story line appealed to young and old alike, with the unshaded good-guy, bad-guy narrative capturing youthful imaginations, and his spirited takedown of “the Man” reminding middle-aged hippies of happier days. Hollywood’s love for Zinn and a movie tribute to his work has made him even more mainstream. As his acolytes have climbed the rungs of power, still seeking revolution, “A People’s History” has increased in popularity. To date, it has sold 2.2 million volumes, with more than half of those sales in the past decade.

In Zinn’s telling, America is synonymous with brute domination that goes back to Christopher Columbus. “The American system,” he writes in “A People’s History,” is “the most ingenious system of control in world history.” The founding fathers were self-serving elitists defined by “guns and greed.”

Zinn joined the Stalin-controlled CPUSA in 1949, the year the Soviet Union detonated its first nuclear weapon. His views can be summed up in three words: America is evil. Not even a nuclear strike could be as annihilative as implanting this diseased opinion in the minds of impressionable students, effectively programming them to destroy their own country from within.

Yet despite the lack of hard evidence in three-plus decades that using “A People’s History” produces positive classroom results, a number of well-coordinated groups recently have been set up to train teachers in the art of Zinn. Founded five years ago out of a partnership between Rethinking Schools and Teaching for Change, the Zinn Education Project offers more than 100 lesson plans and teachers’ guides to Zinn’s books, among a variety of other materials, including “Beyond Heroes and Holidays: A Practice Guide to K-12 Anti-Racist, Multicultural Education and Staff Development.” Already, the project claims to have enlisted 20,000 teachers in its efforts.

The Age of Obama — for which Zinn laid the groundwork by helping in the amazing task of conditioning us to accept a fundamentally anti-American leader — is fertile soil for the bad seeds he left growing. His anti-American diatribe “A People’s History” can be found on syllabuses across the country. It was even mandated in a US Coast Guard Academy class on “Leaders in America.”

Only Hollywood could compete with academia for cancerous anti-Americanism. Unsurprisingly, it has played a major role in spreading Zinn’s poison.

Thanks in part to an endorsement from the character played by Matt Damon in 1997’s “Good Will Hunting,” Zinn’s magnum opus has also turned into a multimedia juggernaut. Actor Ben Affleck (like Mr. Damon, a family friend of Zinn’s), and musicians Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Eddie Vedder and John Legend all have publicly praised Zinn. A History Channel documentary produced by Mr. Damon, “The People Speak,” featured Hollywood A-listers Morgan Freeman, Viggo Mortensen, Kerry Washington and others reading from Zinn’s books.

Where brave, well-trained warriors from the British Empire and the Third Reich failed, the scrawny little rat Howard Zinn is succeeding — with assistance from fellow moonbats like those listed above. Despite his hatred of America’s proud history, he must have heeded the words of Abraham Lincoln:

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Lincoln meant this as a warning. America’s worst enemies have taken it as a strategy.

howard zinn
Howard Zinn: More devastating than any army or arsenal.

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