Rodeo Clowns need love too

Rodeo Clowns need love too

It’s amazing how there’s such an uproar over a rodeo clown who wore an Obama mask and poked fun at the president.Have we reached a point in time whereby we’re not rodeo clownallowed to laugh anymore?

It’s a rodeo clown!

Many say that a clown wearing an Obama mask and playing with his lips is racially offensive to blacks.Where was this outrage when they made a movie about assassinating President George W. Bush?I think that was offensive to all Americans including blacks.But, I don’t recall anybody getting banned for life for it.

But, a rodeo clown deserves to be hit with a punishment that far outweighs the crime eventhough other presidents have been mocked just as badly if not worse.: : : : 

But, there’s something special about President Obama that he has to be treated differently than other presidents.Maybe he has Affirmative Action protection that was written on page 1,314 of the Affordable Care Act?I bet Nancy Pelosi knows.

So a rodeo clown is offensive, but a man who sticks his penis up another man’s rectum is not.We’re all supposed to accept that with joy and let them get married.But, if we voice our constitutionally protected views on the matter, we become intolerant.Our offended sensibilities don’t count.

It ain’t like a rodeo clown.: : : 

Originally published at The Last Tradition

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