“If You Like Your School; You Can Keep Your School. Period…”

Common Core is as dangerous and destructive to this country as ObamaCare — perhaps more — because of the way it infects young children and has the effect of disenfranchising parents from their own offspring. These are the big ones, folks: ObamaCare and Common Core are the locking of the gulag fence at the end of our sixty-year boogie down Socialist Blvd. The only question is: Will they be a wakeup call or was Marx right when he warned of the seeds of destruction?


In a nutshell: Common Core is a Federal program which seeks to standardize education across the nation — one curriculum for everyone — so every kid gets the same marching orders out of the central government in Washington. In other words, take decisions about schooling out of the hands of local educators, remove parental input, ignore regional differences, take out any hope of competition, innovation, the hope of charter schools, choice, responsibility, accountability and teach everyone the same thing the same way..

Yeah, that always works.

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They will tell you how great it is, how we will be competing with the world now because they know better than you, you dumb hick. Not convinced? The Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan recently said opposition to the Common Core State Standards comes from; “white suburban moms who – all of a sudden – discovered that their child isn’t as bright as they thought they were, and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought they were..”

This is the mindset of the folks we’re turning your education system over to. Happy? And when Common Core school is over, run your not-so-bright kid by the State Exchange to get his head examined by an ObamaCare-approved doctor who can inform you your Judeo-Christian beliefs are severely retarding his ability to learn and perhaps he needs some time away from his oppressive family.

Think I’m kidding or exaggerating? Because I am not, friendo.

first circleIf it looks harmless or even good now, what happens when it’s mandatory — when they have it in place and can teach your kid whatever they want? Grow up — you know what happens — indoctrination. I’m crazy? Look at what they teach your kids in college, for cry-eye? That socialism is superior in every way to Capitalism and that America is evil?

What — they’re all of a sudden going to realize the error of their ways, switch over to loving America, believing in the Constitution and American exceptionalism? They’re: not: going to teach elementary and high school kids how we’ve been exploiting the earth and killing polar bears? What are you, high?

It’s about control, folks. Just like the EPA is not about the environment, like immigration reform is not about immigrants and ObamaCare is not about healthcare. Common Core is not about education, it is about controlling schools, school kids, information and ultimately — you.

Liberals have successfully infiltrated, dominated and fully taken over college academia, the entertainment business and the media in this country. Now they have their sights set on two of the three big prizes remaining: Healthcare and parenting, with the last being the military (for another day). Why are they doing this, you may ask? Hell, I don’t know. I can only give you my take on history, but my take always kicks ass, so read on — friends of Rodney Lee…

Conservatism is based on the trial and error of the human experience, but what works here — isn’t always necessarily what works over there. That’s why Education is, and always has been developed, implemented and taught locally. It’s what works best and that’s a demonstrable fact when you look at the very short amount of time between the beginning of our Republic and what we’ve been able to accomplish. It’s nothing short of incredible.

Conservatives came over from Europe fleeing tyranny and then fought for their very lives to secure the freedoms we have taken for granted for so long. You know the rest of the story: Two-hundred years of kick-ass, that’s what. Then when it was safe and warm — when America becomes massively productive, flush, mighty beyond historical measures and in a benevolent mood — in come the liberals to leach off the wealth and goodwill..

Little by little they creep into the fabric of our lives, all the while telling us what horrible people we are — racists, imperialists and greedy villains who need to change our ways and stop this reprehensible: experiment called ‘Capitalism’ and get with the program. Sadly, it worked.. Forget that everybody else in the world wants to be here too — all colors, orientations, creeds, classes, nationalities — they seem to know how great we are —: but liberals… hate America. They do.

This post was used with the permission of Joe for America.

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