COP19 “Climate Change” Conference Ends With Typical Failure

Much like the previous UN IPCC “climate change” working vacations in wonderful exotic/historic locations, this year’s taxpayer funded vacation, er, serious meeting over killing all humans (well, if they’re discussing carbon, must be what they want to achieve), er, conference attended by people who took long fossil fueled flights who want to stop people from taking fossil fueled flights…where was I? Oh, yes, this one ended with stupidity

(ABC Australia) Negotiators from about 195 countries have reached consensus on some of the cornerstones of an ambitious climate pact to combat global warming.

Governments agreed at talks in Poland that a new deal would consist of a patchwork of national contributions to curb emissions that could blur a 20-year-old distinction between the obligations of rich and poor nations.

They are aiming for a new global deal to be signed in Paris in 2015 to replace the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which set targets for developed countries to cut their greenhouse gas emissions.

So, they agreed yet again to Do Something in 2015. Again, that’s what they did last year. And, I believe, the year before. Actually, I’d call this a success, since the climahypocrites aren’t messing up our lives through government regulation as they push their cultish beliefs.

Negotiators agreed that all countries should work to curb emissions from burning coal, oil and gas as soon as possible, and ideally by the first quarter of 2015.

And then they all jumped in fossil fueled vehicles to head to the airport where they took fossil fueled flights, then jumped in their fossil fueled vehicles to drive home where there’s a good chance it’s powered by coal or natural gas.

“Just in the nick of time, the negotiators in Warsaw delivered enough to keep the process moving,” said Jennifer Morgan of the World Resources Institute think tank.

Hooray! They came up with a plan to come up with a plan in 2015 which might kick in come 2020. BTW, this is an important reason to make sure a non-Warmist Republican is elected to POTUS in 2016. We certainly can’t count on any Democrat to follow Bill Clinton’s line and put our economy ahead of the Cult Of Gore.

The agreement was reached after negotiators replaced the word “commitments” for nationally-determined greenhouse gas emissions cuts, with “contributions”.

This would allow “emerging economies”, like China and India, along with “developing nations”, which never actually develop, to avoid actually Doing Something themselves.

Essentially, this was all a way of keeping the money train rolling along a far left track. The “developing nations” want to force 1st World countries to pay through the nose because of Bad Weather. And, yes, Team Obama agreed to this idiocy

Todd Stern, the US special envoy for climate change, told journalists the US wanted an agreed timeline, and that countries should aim to set national targets no later than the first quarter of 2015, which is when the US aims to have its new targets.

They did back the timetable, which, obviously, doesn’t apply to the “Carbon emissions” of Team Obama themselves. Just you citizens, who are apparently looking forward to seeing the economy further eroded.

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