Introducing Heterosexual Privilege

White privilege isn’t the only scourge of college campuses. There is also heterosexual privilege:

If you’re one of the 600+ students living in Ogg Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, you’ve noticed a bulletin board near the first floor elevators. It wasn’t the board’s colorful design and cutouts that has caused a stir the campus community, it was one of the flaps on the interactive educational piece which defined the term “heterosexual privilege” as “benefits automatically derived from being or being perceived as being heterosexual.”

The board is strategically located “near the lobby elevators, where almost everyone living or taking classes in the six floor building passes multiple times a day.”



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Shoving this stuff in people’s faces is necessary because even now there are thought criminals running loose on campus — including the mother of a UW student:

When asked how she would feel if she saw this while on a dorm tour with her son, she said “I would have major misgivings – what kind of school supports that?” When given [a foolish young moonbat’s] definition of privilege, the mother, who would prefer to remain anonymous, said, “Why do you make everyone feel bad about themselves while you’re making a small, marginalized group feel good about themselves?”

Sophomore Lauren Kaberlein agreed with the mother’s comments. “I have never heard of heterosexual privilege until seeing this bulletin board and have no idea where that concept came from,” Kaberlein said. “I feel it is targeting heterosexuals for no reason. It’s almost implying I am wrong for being heterosexual because I get ‘special treatment.’”

If Lauren doesn’t learn to celebrate the gay agenda, she will be getting special treatment, all right.

At least the “privilege” concept lets you know where you stand in the politically correct caste system. The more “privilege” you are said to have, the wiser it is to keep your head down until you can get the hell out of there.

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